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The Patient Admits

a poetry chapbook, $7

from dancing girl press, 2017

"This is not the story of a good parent. The Patient Admits, a ferocious and singularly inventive chapbook from author Avery M. Guess, is a harrowing look at parental abuse, psychiatric hospitalization, and the author’s own black-eyed fight for autonomy and survival. Some will feel intimidated by the book’s acidic subject matter, but for those willing to take the leap, The Patient Admits reads like an army field manual, or perhaps a forbidden spellbook. These poems ― which, on a personal note, contain the single most chilling piece I’ve encountered in almost 10 years of editing a literary journal ― draw the reader back like an arrow and never let go." -Michael Young for RUST + MOTH

"To write about something terrible in a beautiful way is a unique gift. This chapbook holds moments of pain and beauty, sometimes in the same line. As a reader, hold it and experience both." -Donna Vorreyer for Crab Fat Magazine 

"The accessibility of the writing would make the poems good additions to reading lists for college and university courses in medical humanities, social work, family studies, psychology, disability studies, and mad studies. The poems would also be useful ones to include in reading lists for general courses in English Literature on the theme of family so that students can receive a better representation of diverse family life." -Andrea Nicki for Wordgathering

The Patient Admits Front Cover

Cover Art by Sharron Diedrichs

Image description: The left side of a slim brunette woman in a black tank. Her face and hair are covered by delicate white lace fabric. Her left hand is raised and waving so fast it has become blurred. Red text reads: The Patient Admits in larger print and Avery M. Guess in smaller print.

Reviews of The Patient Admits

Crab Fat Magazine by Donna Vorreyer

RUST + MOTH by Michael Young

Wordgathering by Andrea Nicki

Order The Patient Admits


Avery has a few copies available. If you would like a signed copy directly from

Avery, please submit a request via the 

contact form.

Avery does not recommend ordering this book from the publisher as orders have gone unfilled and the publisher does not answer emails in a timely manner.

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